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A "firewall" is an over-arching term to describe a specialized defense system for a computer network. The term comes from construction, where specialized fire-prevention systems involve fire-resistant walls being placed strategically in buildings to slow the spread of a fire.
In the case of computers, the term describes hardware or software that slows the invasion of a computer system by blocking viruses and hackers.
Firewalls can be either hardware or software-based.

Key Benefits:
Complete Data Security with Access Control.
(i.e. no external Hacking allowed.)
Gateway Anti-Virus
(This is like a Security Guard at the Door & the Desktop Anti-Virus is like the Safe in which we keep our
Anti- Spam (for reducing the Junk emails)
Internet Usage control & Management
(i.e. keeping a watch on which employee visits which web-site).
Internet Band-Width Management
(Allocating a fixed band-width to each user & also allotting more band-width to Directors & Key users
Internet Link Aggregation & Auto Failover (i.e. when 2 different Internet lines are used client gets the combined
power of both & if one of them Fails then Auto Switch-Over to the other).
Data Theft / Leaks are not only due to external Hacking, in fact it is more due to internal employees un-knowingly
or knowingly leaking Data.

BI’s Approach & Methodology
At Buyer’s Infotech we strongly believe in not just selling boxes but providing solutions. Hence our technical team of Firewall specialists first analyze the exact need of the client & then suggest the right make & model which supports the client's exact requirements. e.g. If a client wants to use the Firewall mainly for preventing Data Leaks happening from internal users, then there are only one or 2 models which are best suited for the above task.

Buyer’s Infotech Offering:
• We provide firewalls of different Makes & Models after doing a detailed Analysis of the client'sneeds.
• We provide Brands like: Cisco Pix , Cyber Roam, Forti gate, Gajshield, Sonic Wall, etc.

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